wrasslin' with a cause

Buff up those biceps….it’s time again to arm wrestle!

Women: the Boston Arm Wrestling Dames (BAWD) will be hosting its third theatrical arm wrestling fundraiser. What does that mean, you ask? Worried that your pythons aren’t big enough to compete? You don’t need to be prize fighter to participate, but you do need to be willing to get up in front of a crowd.

We’re looking for women who’d like to duke it out for championship- you can win the arm wrestling component, the most enthusiastic or the one with the most crowd support– or you could sweep all three! And if all that wasn’t enough all the proceeds from the event will go to a local women’s based charity.

In order to qualify for a slot we’d like you to commit to the date- Oct 24th, one meeting before this on either the Saturday or Sunday prior (exact date TBD) and gathering an entourage (2-5 people) who will help get the crowd amp-ed up for YOU! And help raise money for a great lady-centric cause.

Now for the fun part: creating a persona! We’re not asking for a tome here, just a basic ethos. Try to come up with a name, character description, her likes and dislikes, superpowers (if any) and a brief statement. Past personas have included Jackie O’Nasty, Namaste Bitches, Girtha Kitten and Brawla Dean.

For more details, general information, or to throw your name into the hat, please email Maggie at bawdy.dames@gmail.com or go to the BAWD facebook page for a little glimpse of past events.

And get ready to rumble! (Or to watch other people duke it out in daisy dukes, and other fun little outfits) If you’re of the viewing persuasion, the event will be at Oberon in Cambridge’s Harvard Square Oct. 24th.


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